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A Welcome Weight on My Body

Photographic series
Archival ink jet prints, variable sizes | 2018

During my recent yearlong residency at Gallery 44 (2016-17), I focused on the relationship between texture and sound and listening and touching and feeling and looking and seeing Blackness that has led to my current preoccupation with analogue photography. Despite photography’s problematic historical relationship with representing Blackness, I have been compelled by my ongoing research on affect and black visuality—as well as my own experiences of looking at Blackness in a photograph—to enrich my practice by learning to produce photographic images using film. Building on my investments in vulnerability, failure and repair, A Welcome Weight on My Body documents this shift from theory to practice, centering the learning process as a site of inquiry and investigation.

Installation Photos (Gallery 44, 2018): Darren Rigo 


Conversation with
Yaniya Lee

Residency Talk